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Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to the survey conducted by "Gunther Associates Ltd." about the economic impact of All-Terrain Vehicles in NB. Our President, Roger Daigle, issued a press release after reading the results of the report, which was completed after the survey.

To read the economic impact report and press release, you can go to "Latest News". (You can find "Latest News" on a link above or on the right side of this page underneath "Upcoming Events".)

The results are extraordinary!

Welcome to our website

Here you can access all you need to know about ATVing in New Brunswick: last-minutes ATV news, newsletters, dated information about our member clubs, as well as Federation accomplishments, posted by our President or General Manager.

Please let us know how we are doing, we welcome your feedback to ensure a relevant and useful site for all users!

Who are we?

The formal mandate of the NB ATV Federation is that of ATV Trail Manager for New Brunswick. We function as a non-profit organization with 55 member clubs across the province and, since our 1998 incorporation, our membership is now approaching 21,000 individual rider-members. Our priority is to see safe and responsible ATV use across the province. Towards this end, we undertake much public education, and as a Federation of clubs, we work as one, to address issues of concern to ATV enthusiasts (e.g. land use, legislation, trail safety, vandalism, etc.) in New Brunswick.

Our Vision

Our Vision is of a province-wide trail network, linked to local member trails, that ensures safe ATV Trails for all. We want to ensure that everyone can actually "View New Brunswick from the inside".

Rider's Code of Ethics

 “Rider’s Code of Ethics”

As a member of the NB ATV Federation I accept the risks associated with the sport of ATVing, and I will take responsibility for my own actions.

  • I will ride in a manner that is a credit to our recreational sport
  • I will try and influence others to adhere to our code
  • I will respect the rights of others, including property owners and other enthusiasts
  • I will ride in a responsible manner and use marked trails or roads and if unsure, seek permission
  • I will protect our natural environment and respect agricultural crops
  • I will not harm or harass; wildlife, livestock, or the environment
  • I will minimize my impact on the environment and not litter
  • I will ride smart, safe, in control, and always be prepared
  • I will check ice and weather conditions in order to stay safe
  • I will render aid to those in need
  • I will obey all laws and regulations governing our sport.
  • I will promote proper ATV education and training
  • I will practice zero tolerance with respect to impaired ATV riding

Got Toys Insurance

Did you know that you could save some money on your off-road vehicle insurance by being a member of this Federation?

Find more information by following this link,  or by clicking on the OASIS Insurance logo on the left.


Inter-provincial reciprocal agreements

If you come from outside of New Brunswick, are you wondering WHERE to purchase a groomed or non-groomed trail-permit to ride the managed trails of the New Brunswick All-Terrain Vehicle Federation (NBATVF)?

Usually, people from outside New Brunswick who want to practice the sport of ATVing in our beautiful province must purchase a trail-permit (groomed, non-groomed, for youth, weekly, or daily) from the NBATVF.  And New Brunswickers who want to ride their ATV in another province must purchase a trail-permit for the province in which they want to ride their ATV. (Example: A resident of New Brunswick who wants to ride his ATV in Alberta must purchase his trail-permit in Alberta, and vice versa. lf a resident of Alberta wants to ride his ATV in New Brunswick, he will purchase his trail-permit in New Brunswick).

** HOWEVER, a special regulation applies to you if you are a resident of Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island.

If you are a resident of one of these provinces, the New Brunswick All-Terrain Vehicle Federation (NBATVF) has reached a reciprocal agreement with the ATV (quad) Federation (Association) of your province.
Take the agreement between New Brunswick and Quebec, for example. And let’s just say that the ATV is insured and registered,  and meets all the other legal requirements of the province where the owner of the ATV resides.

So bottom line, for these four provinces (Québec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island) is this: you are only allowed to ride in both your province and the province of New Brunswick if you purchase a trail-permit in the province you are currently residing in. (and if you meet all the other legal requirements in your province).

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