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October 27, 2010
Congratulations! Club VTT East Shore ATV Club - Executive Committee Members (2010)

President: Renald Comeau

Vice President: Paul Richard

Treasurer: Rita Comeau

Secretary: Rita Comeau

Directors: Louis Daigle, Charlie Richard, Emile Arsenault, Guy Richard, Rheal Richard

October 26, 2010
Region 4 Meeting

On October 25, 2010, Federation President Daniel Boucher and General Manager Jacques Poirier attended Region 4 meeting in Miramichi City.

Two new Directors were elected: Scott Black and Paul Bourque. Congratulations to both of them! We offer our thanks to Keith Somers and Paul Colford for their contribution in the past.

The meeting was productive and positive. The following topic was added to the agenda:

  • Mandatory ATV Trail Pass and lost of members

In addition, the following topics were also discussed with the delegates:

Regional Master Plan
 - Definition of the Layers of the Trails on the Maps
 - Access Plan
 - Phase 3 - Establish a Development Plan
 - Phase 4 - Establish a Financial Plan
 - Phase 5 - Public Consultatio

Trail Applications (Regional)

Trail Maps Production (Sponsorship)

Trail Development (Club Responsibility towards their Development)
 Points to Consider and Respect
  o Environment
  o Authorization
  o Required Permits
  o Trail Signage during Construction
  o Trail Signage in General
  o Document all Correspondences (keep a file and provide a copy to the Federation)

Annual General Meeting scheduled for 2 days (Saturday & Sunday)

2010 Developments
 o Closed Courses Officials Program
 o Trail Ambassador Program

Dealers Meetings

 o Trail Pass
 o Tourism

Moncton ATV and Motorcycle Show

 o How the Election Process will be done
 o Nominated Candidates
 o Nomination from the floor for a Director
 o Voting

October 26, 2010
Scott Black elected New Director for Region 4

On October 25, 2010 at Region 4 meeting in the City of Miramichi, Scott Black was elected Director for Region 4. Congratulations Scott!

Scott is the President of the Miramichi Off-Road ATV Club and the main organizer of the annual Miramichi Mud Fest.

Paul Bourque
October 26, 2010
Paul Bourque elected New Director for Region 4

On October 25, 2010 at Region 4 meeting in the City of Miramichi, Paul Bourque was elected Director for Region 4. Congratulations Paul!

Paul is a Director of the Miramichi Off-Road ATV Club.

October 25, 2010
Letters to all Elected MLAs

On October 21 and 22, 2010, Federation President Daniel Boucher sent letters of congratulations to all newly-elected MLAs.
President Boucher sent out two types of letters. One letter was for government MLAs; the second was for members of the Official Opposition MLAs.  In both letters our President congratulated the newly-elected MLAs for their election win. In addition, he reminded them of our desire to develop a Provincial ATV Trail Network as well as a number of safe trail networks for young riders, according to our 5-year Strategic Development Plan.

President Boucher also indicated that the Federation will bring soon its issues to the attention of the government and its appropriate Cabinet ministers. He then invited MLAs to view our video on ATV issues, that we had sent to all candidates during the September election campaign (at ).

Finally, President Boucher invited the Government MLAs to review their Party's response to the ATV questionnaire, sent to all candidates during the election campaign.

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