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October 28, 2010
Letters on Mandatory ATV Trail Passes

On October 27, 2010, Federation President Daniel Boucher sent letters to the Premier David Alward and to the Minister of Public Safety Hon. Robert Trevors on the issue of Mandatory ATV Trail Passes.

President Boucher indicated that the Federation will bring soon ATV issues to the attention of the new government and its appropriate Cabinet ministers. The President stressed, however, that there is some urgency right now for the government to proclaim changes to the legislation to make the ATV Trail Passes mandatory. 

The President made the point that most of our funding to operate as a Federation, to develop our Provincial ATV Trail Network and its infrastructures comes from ATV registration fees deposited into the Trail Management Trust Fund. A mandatory ATV trail pass system will increase our funding base, allowing us to expand our support of outdoor recreational in N.B. It is our goal to ensure all New Brunswickers have access to a well- managed provincial ATV trail system, so they too may "View New Brunswick from the Inside."

The President also sent the letters to all Government MLAs.

October 28, 2010
Meeting with DNR on Land Access Requests

On Monday October 25, 2010, Federation Trail Coordinator met in Fredericton with a representative from the Department of Natural Resources to review our requests for land access.

The following requests were discussed:

  1. Club Baie-Pointe VTT/ATV

    The request for the region of Hells Gate for a trail from Highway 11 to Baie Ste-Anne has been lost, apparently, it by Department officials. It will be possible to build this winter trail of 1.2 km parallel to the existing snowmobile trail. This option will be pursued.
  2. Club VTT/ATV Chaleur

    The request for Grant Brook area will be signed by DNR in the next few days and a copy will be sent to the club to begin their work. And it brought an application on the carpet for a long road designated MT. It is a path that brings bikers safe from snowmobilers under an agreement for joint use of the shelter.
  3. Albert County Trail Blazers

    Several cases will be discussed soon by the Trails Coordinator and the club: Ing's Interval Bridge, Ing's Interval, sections on Crown land, sections on DOT public roads, conflict with snowmobilers, and issues with the Canadian Railroad Historical Association.
  4. York North Ridge Runners

    We are waiting for the response from DOT for the section of road from the abandoned rail line to access services.
  5. Club VTT/ATV Népisiquit

    We are waiting for a response from the club on a small section of trail to be built to avoid a snowmobile trail. We are waiting for a response from DOT for some public road sections. We are also working to find a solution to the Bass River Bridge.
  6. Victoria County ATV Club

    We are waiting for the HUP from DOT. DOT has verbally confirmed to have accepted the section of Route Leonard Colony. The permit is coming soon.
  7. Club Sentiers d'Amitié

    We are waiting for the HUP from DOT for Labrie Road. DOT has verbally confirmed their agreement. The permit is coming soon.
  8. Rusagonis ATV Club

    The section of trail that joins the clubs between several clubs in Region 7 is approved in principle by the DNR and we are waiting for their signed document. It was confirmed that there could be two months of waiting.
  9. Petty Trail Blazers

    We are waiting for the information requested from the club.
  10. Mad-Vic ATV Association

    The request for a camp lot lease has been accepted and the club should receive the document soon. The Trails Coordinator must also prepare a trail map for a forthcoming meeting with the Town of Grand Falls on the use of the Saint John River Bridge.
  11. Dungarvon ATV Club

    The application is to use the abandoned rail line between Durham Bridge and Parker Road. A meeting was held October 25, 2010 in Doaktown with the mayors of Doaktown, Upper Blackville and Miramichi to solicit their support. The Councils of these municipalities will decide soon and they will inform DNR.
  12. Club VTT du Haut Madawaska

    The Trails Coordinator has prepared a map with a proposed new trail to try to circumvent a private landowner.
  13. Club VTT 2000

    We are waiting for a response from JD Irving after providing them with documents they have requested.

October 28, 2010
Congratulations! Fredericton ATV Club - Executive Committee Members (2010)

President: Robert Randall

Vice President: Gerard Losier

Treasurer: Connie Birchard

Secretary: Rodney Boyd

Directors: Albert Stafford, Dale Young, Mike Murray, Gerry Knorr, George Pollock

October 27, 2010
Region 5 Meeting

On October 26, 2010, Federation President Daniel Boucher and General Manager Jacques Poirier attended Region 5 meeting in Moncton.

Two new Directors were elected: Roger Daigle and Jason Melanson. Congratulations to both of them! We offer our thanks to Tim Clarke for his contribution as Past Director. The other Director for the Region is Evarard Richard.

The meeting was productive and positive. The following topics were added to the agenda:

  • ATV 3-seasons pass
  • Signage
  • NTC hold back
  • Road within Fundy National Park no longer available to ATV

In addition, the following topics were also discussed with the delegates:

Regional Master Plan
 - Definition of the Layers of the Trails on the Maps
 - Access Plan
 - Phase 3 - Establish a Development Plan
 - Phase 4 - Establish a Financial Plan
 - Phase 5 - Public Consultatio

Trail Applications (Regional)

Trail Maps Production (Sponsorship)

Trail Development (Club Responsibility towards their Development)
 Points to Consider and Respect
  o Environment
  o Authorization
  o Required Permits
  o Trail Signage during Construction
  o Trail Signage in General
  o Document all Correspondences (keep a file and provide a copy to the Federation)

Annual General Meeting scheduled for 2 days (Saturday & Sunday)

2010 Developments
 o Closed Courses Officials Program
 o Trail Ambassador Program

Dealers Meetings

 o Trail Pass
 o Tourism

Moncton ATV and Motorcycle Show

 o How the Election Process will be done
 o Nominated Candidates
 o Nomination from the floor for a Director
 o Voting


Roger Daigle
October 27, 2010
Roger Daigle and Jason Melanson elected New Directors for Region 5

On October 26, 2010 at Region 5 meeting in Moncton, Roger Daigle and Jason Melanson were elected Directors for Region 5. Congratulations Roger and Jason!

Roger was a Director for Region 5 a few years ago. The other Director for Region 5 is Everard Richard.

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