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October 20, 2010
Trail Working Group Meeting

On October 20, 2010, Federation President Daniel Boucher and General Manager Jacques Poirier attended in Fredericton a meeting of the Provincial Trail Working Group Committee.

The meeting was part of a series to continue discussions on various components of the Provincial Trail Master Plan.

October 20, 2010
Alban Thériault re-elected Director for Region 1

On October 19, 2010 at Region 1 meeting in Edmundston (Saint-Basile), Alban Theriault was re-elected Director for Region 1. Congratulations Alban!

The other Director for Region 1 is Edward King.

October 20, 2010
Region 1 Meeting

On October 19, 2010, Federation President Daniel Boucher and General Manager Jacques Poirier attended Region 1 meeting in Edmundston (Saint-Basile).

Alban Thérault was re-elected Director for the Region. Edward King is the other Director for the Region.

The meeting was productive and positive. The following topics were added to the agenda:

  1. Crown Reserve Roads
  2. Trail Management Trust Fund
  3. Club Administrator's Residence (A motion was approved stating that in Region 1 to be eligible to occupy an administrator position with a club a person must reside in that club's territory.

In addition, the following topics were also discussed with the delegates:

Regional Master Plan
 - Definition of the Layers of the Trails on the Maps
 - Access Plan
 - Phase 3 - Establish a Development Plan
 - Phase 4 - Establish a Financial Plan
 - Phase 5 - Public Consultatio

Trail Applications (Regional)

Trail Maps Production (Sponsorship)

Trail Development (Club Responsibility towards their Development)
 Points to Consider and Respect
  o Environment
  o Authorization
  o Required Permits
  o Trail Signage during Construction
  o Trail Signage in General
  o Document all Correspondences (keep a file and provide a copy to the Federation)

Annual General Meeting scheduled for 2 days (Saturday & Sunday)

2010 Developments
 o Closed Courses Officials Program
 o Trail Ambassador Program

Dealers Meetings

 o Trail Pass
 o Tourism

Moncton ATV and Motorcycle Show

 o How the Election Process will be done
 o Nominated Candidates
 o Nomination from the floor for a Director
 o Voting


October 20, 2010
Congratulations! York North Ridge Runners ATV Club - Executive Committee Members (2010)

President: Lois Brewer

Vice President: Lebaron Burtt

Treasurer: Larry Gould

October 19, 2010
Your Federation Consults its Member Clubs

Federation President Daniel Boucher and General Manager Jacques Poirier will host Regional meetings over the next few weeks.

The purpose of these meetings is to elect Regional Directors as well as to bring Clubs up-to-date on issues and developments at the Federation.

The Federation also wishes to be fully aware of trends and issues within each Region. Thus, last week we sent a questionnaire to all the Club Presidents. These completed questionnaires will be picked up at the Region meeting. Do remember that your Clubs answers will be held in the strictest confidence. All information received will be analysed to discern Provincial or Regional issues and needs only. No information from individual clubs will be released.

Here is the content of the questionnaire:

1. Do you think that the Federation is going in the right direction?

2. Do you think that the Federation defends the rights and needs of outdoor recreation?

3. How do you see the role of the Federation in relation with the role of your Club?

4. What do you believe are priority issues for the Federation?

5. How important to ATV riders are each of the following:

a. Legal access on public road surface (i.e. public roads managed by DOT or by municipalities) to join  trails, to access services, etc.
b. Access to DNR Crown Lands to implement a provincial ATV trail network
c. Access to private lands to implement a provincial ATV trail network
d. Access to lands from big companies to implement a provincial ATV trail network

6. How prepared is your Club to fund its future projects?  (1=very ready)

7. How ready is your Club to submit your Development Plan information on the trails you are developing, your  needs and financial support required as well as partners in your projects? (1=very ready)
8. Have you already identified your partners, their expected financial contributions and your own Club rational  for these?   

9. Does your Club have a Development Plan that outlines: a map of your trail; a timeline plan; a financial  plan; a listing of authorizations needed to proceed and a list of required permits?    

10. If not, what is left to do?

11. Has your Club already acquired all the necessary authorizations from each of the private landowners, along  with a written agreement?   

12. If not, what is left to do?

13. Has your Club submitted an official request to the Federation for access to trails on DNR Crown Lands and  DOT rights-of-way yet?   

14. If no, how can we help you complete the request?

15. Please indicate which of the following tools your Club uses:

 o Email                     Yes___  No___
 o Website                 Yes___  No___
 o Accounting Software Yes___  No___
 o Phone Line             Yes___  No___
 o Postal Box              Yes___  No___
 o Bank Account          Yes___  No___

16. You are aware that the Federation provides ATV Riders safety training courses. These courses not only   provide responsible riding habits for future generations of riders, but they also reduce the negative   perception of our sport. In your view, how important  are these courses? (1=very important)

17. As you are already aware, the Federation is involved in many education and public education programs to   improve the safety and perception of our sport, and that we are a partner of WorkSafe NB. What else do you   think we can do to increase safety in our sport, and as importantly, the public opinion about our sport?

18. As you know the concept of ATV trail pass was approved at the 2009 AGM. What would be the most appropriate   cost for the passes? (Please consider the financial needs of your Club, as well as anticipated costs to  develop and maintain your Club's portion of the Provincial trail network). 
 Cost for Annual Pass ____________   Cost for 3 Seasons Pass ____________

19. The Federation has a long-standing strategy of promoting the benefits of a Provincial ATV trail network to  government, in efforts to receive support for ATV issues and funding (that would benefit all Clubs). Does  your Club undertake similar promotion in its development plan?
 Yes___  No___
  Please describe what you are doing. If nothing why?

20. Which of the following communication tools is your Club now using?

  • Email Yes___ No___ 
  • Website Yes___ No___ 
  • Phone line Yes___ No___ 
  • Postal Box Yes___ No___
  • Phone Committee Yes___ No___ 
  • Posters Yes___ No___ 
  • Brochure Yes___ No___ 
  • Road Sign Yes___ No___ 
  • Radio Yes___ No___ 
  • TV Yes___ No___ 
  • Newspaper Yes___ No___ 
  • Public Meeting Yes___ No___            Which of these are the most effective?  

21. How satisfied are you with the following means of learning about the Federation: (1=very satisfied, 10=not  at all)

  • Website 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • Email 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
  • Region Director Reports 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
  • Region Meetings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • Annual Meeting       1  2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10 

22. Overall, how satisfied are you with the Federation activities. (At present the NBATVF is active in: trail  development, funding requests, safety training, improvement of the internal management, public education,  the implementation of the ATV trail pass, and promotion of the sport as a recognized tourism product)

23. About how many Kms of trail did your Club build in 2009 ____; 2010 ______? How many of these Kms are part of  the Provincial Trail Development Plan____; in 2009 _____; in  2010_______ ?

24. What is your Club annual income? (approximately) ______________.

25. How does your Club currently operate:
 Annual basis____ 3 seasons _____ or winter only ___________?

26. Does your club want to operate on an annual basis to meet the sport's needs?            Yes___   No ___

27. Please estimate the approximate age breakdown of your members.

 a. 6 to  15 years old  _______%
 b. 16 to 25 years old  _______%
 c. 26 to 40 years old  _______%
 d. 41 to 55 years old  _______%
 e. 55 to 75 year old   _______%
 f. 75 years old and more  _______%

28. What % of your members own a side-by-side machine? (e.g. Rhino) __________%

29. What % of your members owns an off-road bike? ___________%

30. Does your Development Plan take into account the needs of: the side-by-side machine?        Yes ___No___;  the off-road bikes      Yes ___ No_____

As you can see, the questionnaire is extensive, and yet with full participation of Members Clubs from every Region, the Federation will be able to determine not only issues and priorities but also areas in which it might provide future support to Member Clubs.



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